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What We Do Can Do For You

Software Computer Problems

  • Slow operations
  • Infested with spyware or adware
  • Pop Up adverts
  • Lots of error messages
  • Just not working
  • Lost settings
  • Lost monitor resolution
  • Blue Screens of Death
  • Can't get your emails
  • Too many spam emails

These are just some of the problems we encounter every day and quite often can be resolved within an hour, sometimes two. If it's a more serious problem it quickly becomes apparent that deeper surgery is required and at this point we normally take your computer away for bench analysis.

Hardware Problems and Repairs

  • CD Rom
  • CD Writer drive
  • Hard drive
  • DVD Drive
  • Floppy drive
  • Motherboard

There are very few moving parts in a computer but those that do move, usually go wrong at some time or other. External drive replacements can usually be done at your home or office, hard drives need to be replaced on the bench, as do motherboard and processor replacements or upgrades.

For in Home or Office visits, we charge 40.00 per visit plus 20.00 per half hour - less than a plumber or electrician.

NOTE: All costs include VAT